For people with Polish heritage, a certificate of Polish citizenship constitutes the basic document confirming that a given person possesses Polish citizenship. It has a form of an administrative decision and is issued by the proper province office. For people living abroad this will be the Mazowieckie Province Office in Warsaw. Acquiring a certificate of Polish citizenship is necessary for acquiring a Polish passport, especially for people living outside of Poland who had Polish ancestors but did not possess a Polish passport up to this point.

In order to receive a certificate of Polish citizenship one has to file an application using a special form, properly justify it, and include the necessary documents. Each application must include a birth certificate and a copy of a current ID, for example a possessed foreign passport. It is also necessary to include documents confirming that the ancestors possessed a Polish citizenship and haven't lost it.

The administrative fee for a decision concerning the confirmation of possessing a Polish citizenship is at PLN 58.

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