We provide a wide range of legal services for individual clients, i.e. natural persons. With this group of clients in mind, we have specialized in the following fields of law:

  • civil law (e.g. claims for payment, claims for damages: medical errors, accidents etc., protection of personal interests, reviewing and drafting agreements)
  • labour law (e.g. reinstatement in employment, compensation, reviewing employment contracts, non-competition agreements, and management contracts)
  • copyright law (e.g. claims for royalties, copyright transfer agreements)
  • enforcement proceedings and proceedings to secure claims (e.g. participation in execution proceedings, cases involving award and adjudication of ownership of real estate sold in execution)
  • law of succession (e.g. ascertainment of acquisition of inheritance, estate distribution, estate protection, acceptance or rejection of inheritance, will contests)
  • family and personal law (e.g. divorce or separation, child support, denial and determination of paternity, parental authority, division of property, dissolution of adoption, and annulment of a marriage)
  • law on the protection of mental health
  • housing law (e.g. selling and buying flats, reviewing agreements with housing associations and developers, evictions, rent payment disputes, formal registration of residence, claims for establishment of a tenancy)
  • real property law (e.g. ownership, infringement of possession, adverse possession, easements, dissolution of joint ownership, adjustments of perpetual usufruct fees)
  • reprivatization (e.g. cases concerning recovery of land in Warsaw, compensations for property left behind in territories lost by Poland after World War Two, compensations for expropriated real estate)
  • administrative law (e.g. claims for damages, building permits, representing clients in administrative courts, work permits, etc.)
  • tax law
  • applications to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg
  • canon law (legal advice, preparing plaintiff's petitions, preparing other pleadings and appeals, ecclesiastical juridical persons)
  • Polish citizenship law

A very important part of our services relates to criminal proceedings:

  • criminal law (defending clients during preliminary proceedings and in court, acting as a subsidiary prosecutor, submitting civil claims in criminal proceedings, drafting pleadings and motions as to evidence, lodging appeals and special appeals).


We provide a wide range of services that include

  • legal advice
  • written legal opinions and legal analyses
  • participation in negotiations
  • document preparation
  • representing clients in court.