Law Office of Piotr Stączek, advocate

Established in 2003, the Warsaw-based Law Office of Piotr Stączek has successfully served over 4000 clients. Our lawyers represent clients in courts of general jurisdiction throughout Poland and are also authorized to lodge special appeals to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, file constitutional complaints to the Constitutional Tribunal, and make applications to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.

We handle cases throughout Poland thanks to cooperation with advocates, legal advisers, and other lawyers. We work with highly experienced lawyers specializing in particular fields as well as with young, dynamic people with bold ideas for how to tackle various issues.

Our policy

It is our ambition to ensure that every client is satisfied with our services. In order to provide top quality services, we thoroughly analyze each problem before accepting a case, assessing the chances for a successful outcome. We present the results of our analyses to the client, with whom we consult about the further strategy to be pursued.

We greatly care that all our financial arrangements are clear and do not cause any surprises at any stage. We strive to meet our clients' needs and we may propose different options for how to deal with a particular case; for example, depending on circumstances, we may handle the entire proceedings or provide the assistance of an attorney only at a particular stage or assist with the preparation of a pleading. Our fees

Our offer

Typical cases handled by our Law Office include divorce cases, inheritance cases, suits for the payment of promissory notes or bills of exchange, claims for payments under guarantees and warranties, criminal cases, as well as matters concerning the division of property, child support and alimony, and parental custody.

We also offer legal assistance in the field of canon law to persons seeking to secure a declaration of the nullity of marriage.

Another important area of our practice involves helping people of Polish origin, who want to obtain Polish citizenship confirmation and a Polish passport. We are one of the leading Polish law firms specializing in Polish citizenship matters. Our lawyers have assisted many people in applying for Polish citizenship.

In addition to representing our clients in courts, we also offer other legal services, such as preparing legal opinions or drafting agreements or articles of association. Corporate customers seeking advice in the field of business law may arrange with our Law Office for the provision of regular legal services to their firms.