The Law Office of Piotr Stączek, Barrister, provides services to entrepreneurs (individual and companies), foundations, associations and professional organizations. Our Office has rendered legal services to enterprises from many sectors of economy, such as:

  • computers,
  • chemicals,
  • pharmaceuticals,
  • construction,
  • catering,
  • transport,
  • mining,
  • services,
  • consulting,
  • protection of goods and property,
  • health services.

The services rendered comprised e.g.:

  • giving written and oral opinions and legal advice,
  • preparing draft contracts,
  • giving opinion on contracts and regulations,
  • conducting negotiations,
  • representation at meetings of shareholders,
  • conducting litigation (mainly in cases connected with payment).

The services cover most branches of law relevant to entrepreneurs, in particular:

  • commercial law, civil law and business activity law,
  • companies law, including:
    • registration of a limited liability company,
    • registration and winding up of a branch of a foreign enterprise,
    • registration of an agency of a foreign enterprise,
  • unfair competition law,
  • labour and social insurance law,
  • tax law, gaming law and lease law,
  • copyright law, computer law and industrial property law,
  • banking law and foreign exchange law,
  • administrative law (including public procurement law),
  • building law and spatial planning law,
  • education law,
  • property insurance law,
  • environmental protection law (including waste management law),
  • securities law,
  • medical law,
  • bankruptcy and reorganisation law,
  • penal and fiscal law.