Attorney at law
Piotr Modzelewski

Piotr Modzelewski joined the law firm in April 2011. He defended his master's thesis in substantive criminal law in 2013 under the supervision of Piotr Kładoczny, PhD, graduating from the Faculty of Law and Administration of the University of Warsaw with distinction. He has been an attorney-at-law at the Warsaw Bar Association since July 2017.

He represented clients in matters related to labour law (employers, employees and trade unions) during negotiations and in litigation. He has experience in criminal cases, both as a defence counsel and an attorney of the subsidiary prosecutor. He has also appeared in civil and family cases before common courts of all instances.

He was President of the TEMIDA Criminal Law Academic Association for one year from March 2012. Currently, he is a Vice President of the Management Board of the Catch 22 Association of Legal and Criminological Initiatives, which is an association involved in academic activities of promoting knowledge of law and judicial sciences. Within these activities, he held numerous training sessions on personal safety addressed to youths and senior citizens and coordinated the activities of the legal counselling centre for the poor, which was run by students.

He has been a speaker at numerous national academic conferences. He also organized two parts of the conference named "Legal Professions in the Light of the Criminal Procedure Reform: Hopes, Fears, Opportunities" and the conference named "The Licence for Security".

His main areas of interest are issues related to procedural law. He also handles matters of labour law, criminal law and the broadly-understood civil and business law, family law, as well as social insurance law.

tel. +48 881 209 300

Piotr Modzelewski