We offer a wide range of specialized legal services for business clients. The following are some of the most frequently used services:

  • reviewing and drafting contracts
  • legal advice and opinions
  • setting up companies
  • company affairs
  • litigation

We also provide regular legal services for businesses, on terms and conditions set out in an agreement for the provision of regular legal services

  • Agreement for the Provision of Regular Legal Services


One of the standard services offered to business clients is assistance in managing the affairs of companies. Such affairs involving company law include the following (in alphabetical order):

  • amendments to the deed of association
  • appealing against resolutions of the general meeting of shareholders
  • appointing and dismissing registered commercial proxies
  • bankruptcy
  • capital increase
  • capital reduction
  • changes to the composition of governing bodies
  • closing a financial year
  • excluding a shareholder
  • liquidation
  • mergers
  • pledging shares
  • rules of procedure of the management board
  • rules of procedure of the supervisory board
  • share transfers
  • supplementary contributions to the capital
  • winding up

As in most cases decisions regarding the affairs of a company have tax implications, we also offer assistance in the assessment of the tax consequences of various events.