The president of Poland may naturalize a foreigner as a citizen of Poland. There are no rules concerning who can the president naturalize. In this case the President's will is the only thing that matters. In practice, granting Polish citizenship applies to for example athletes, those with merit to Poland, people who returned from abroad to stay in Poland, and also in other special cases.

Granting Polish citizenship takes place upon the request of the foreigner with a special application at the province governor or consul. It is mandatory to include a number of documents and a photo with the application. The province governor and consul present it to the President of Poland along with their opinion. A person applying to be granted Polish citizenship is verified by the Police and the Internal Security Agency.

The President grants Polish citizenship or declines granting it in the form of a decision. Such a decision does not include any justification and it is impossible to appeal to it. However, it is always possible to apply again. A foreigner applying to be granted Polish citizenship receives a Polish citizenship certificate or a decision concerning the refusal to grant Polish citizenship.

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