People living outside of Poland acquire a passport through a Polish consulate.

It is initially needed to make an appointment (often via electronic systems). Then one must visit the consulate in person and apply for a Polish passport. After issuing a passport it must be collected personally (in justified cases the passport is sent with a registered letter).

The office may provide support in terms of making an appointment at a Polish consulate and preparing the passport application.

The passport application must include a passport photo and, in case of the first passport after receiving a certificate of Polish citizenship, a Polish birth certificate and the decision of a province governor confirming the Polish citizenship.

In order to issue a passport for a child a written consent of both parents as well as their presence when filing the application are mandatory, unless one of the parents has been deprived of parental laws by a court decision. The presence of one parent may be substituted by a written statement authenticated by a notary. In case of the lack of conformity in terms of statements made by the parents or the inability to acquire the consent of one parent, the decision to issue a passport is substituted by a decision of a family court.

The basic fee for issuing a passport is at EUR 110. The passport is issued in a normal manner after circa 4 - 5 weeks.

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