It is possible to abandon Polish citizenship but only after acquiring permission from the President of Poland. In practice, it is difficult to receive such a permission if such a person has connections to Poland (for example financial ones) and abandoning citizenship would for example make pursuing claims by creditors more difficult or it aims at avoiding penal responsibility. Whereas, if losing citizenship would help in stabilizing the life situation of a person living abroad for many years (for example be the condition for acquiring a foreign citizenship) the chances to receive the President's permission become higher.

Permission to abandon citizenship by a minor remaining under parental custody of a person or people not possessing a Polish citizenship takes place at the request of the child's statutory representative. In case of the lack of understanding between statutory representatives, each of them may address the court to make a decision.

In order to receive authorization to abandon citizenship an application is filed using a form via a province governor or consul.

The application must include

  1. possessed documents which confirm that the applicant is a resident of Poland: (for example a copy of an ID or a Polish passport, decision of a proper province governor confirming possessing Polish citizenship),
  2. true certificates: of birth and marriage - issued by the Polish registry office; data in the certificate should be accordant,
  3. a document confirming possessing the citizenship of a different country or the promise to acquire it,
  4. a current photo of the person (or people) included in the application. The photo should be in color and with its dimensions at 4.5 x 4.3 cm, made within the last 6 months on a uniform light background, with proper quality, and clearly showing the eyes and face from the top of the head to the upper part of the shoulders so that the face covers 70-80% of the photo. The photo should present the person without headgear and glasses with dark shades, looking forward with eyes open, not covered with hair, a natural expression and closed mouth. A person with congenial or acquired vision defects may include a photo with dark shades to the application, and a person wearing headgear in accordance with the principles of religion - a photo presenting the person wearing headgear. The headgear cannot cover or distort the oval of the face.

Then the application is verified by the Minister of Internal Affairs, Police, and the Internal Security Agency.

The loss of Polish citizenship takes place after 30 days since the President of Poland makes the decision.

The proceedings in terms of abandoning Polish citizenship carried out by the President of Poland are not subject to an administrative fee.

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