Archive searches are carried out in a situation when the Client does not possess the documents necessary to carry out the case concerning the verification of Polish citizenship. Archive searches are carried out in Poland and in other countries. The office works with professional archivists from Poland, Ukraine, Belarus, Lithuania, Germany, France, USA, Great Britain, Brazil, and Argentina.

In Poland the searches are carried out in national archives in specific cities, registry offices, parish archives, the Institute of National Remembrance, Office of Military History, Archives of Modern Records, Central Archives of Historical Records, company archives, museum archives, etc.

The searches usually include a wide spectrum of documents related to the client's Polish ancestors such as:

  • birth and baptism certificates,
  • marriage certificates,
  • death certificates,
  • military documents,
  • censuses,
  • registration records,
  • passport files,
  • lists of electors,
  • insurance documents,
  • trade registers,
  • notary files,
  • police documents,
  • medical records,
  • school report cards,
  • decisions concerning the confirmation of a Polish citizenship,
  • passports, IDs, military service books, identity cards, and other identity documents.

Before initiating searches we usually provide the client with a list of archives in which we will carry out the searches, and the remuneration for conducting the searches is provided as well. Additional costs concern fees for archives but they are not high. In case of finding documents it is needed to cover the fee for preparing their certified copies by the archive. If there is the need to carry out additional searches then the client decides whether to continue the searches or not.

After finding the needed documents it becomes possible to apply for a certificate of Polish citizenship.

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