Court cases:

  • re-employment ofa customer,
  • rendering the termination invalid,
  • compensation for discrimination,
  • compensation for mobbing,
  • establishment of the existence of an employment relationship,
  • compensation for the failure to concludean employment contract,
  • compensation for termination of an employment contract,
  • compensation for the employer's death,
  • claims related to an employee's death,
  • reimbursement of business trip costs,
  • payment of remuneration,
  • retirement severancepayment,
  • death benefit payment,
  • correction of an employment certificate,
  • compensation for the failure to issue as employment certificate,
  • compensation for non-competition clause,
  • cancelation of a disciplinary penalty,
  • compensation from an employee,
  • payment of overtime,
  • pay for night work,
  • compensation for cancellation of a leave.

Contracts, regulations and other documents (examples):

Employers often loose in courts, due to their failure to satisfy formal terms and conditions when drawing upand terminating employment contracts. Having noticed this tendency, the Law Firm offers a service which involvesthe control of standards used by you,in terms of their compliance with the provisions of the labour law, or creating new standards, taking into account your preferences. We offer checkingor creating standard employment contracts (for a probationary period, for a defined period, for an undefined period) used in your company, standard notices relating to particular contracts, non-competition clauses, as well as civil law contracts. We do our best to make sure that the model contracts drawn up by us fully meet your company's needs, especially in the context of the newest Supreme Court's judgments regarding labourlaw. Verification of model contracts or creating new ones is an investment which ensuresa high level of securityfor you in relations with employees, especially in conflicts with employees.

  1. employment contracts,
    • for a defined period of time,
    • for an undefined period of time,
    • for a probationary period,
    • with a temping agency,
    • for the time of substitution,
    • for a specified task,
    • cooperative,
    • teleworking
  2. management contract,
  3. non-competition clauses:
    • during the employment,
    • after the expiry of employment
  4. agreement for a referral to learn:
    • in school forms,
    • in non-school forms.
  5. agreement for joint property entrusted with the obligation to account for it
  6. regulations of:
    • work,
    • pay,
    • social benefits fund,
    • conciliation,
    • regulationsofcollective redundancies.
  7. documents related to dismissals:
    • termination of employment by mutual agreement,
    • termination of employment by notice,
    • termination of employment with the shortened notice period,
    • termination of employment without notice
    • termination of employment due to mobbing,
    • requestinginformation from the trade union on individuals under their protection,
    • giving the trade union notice on an intention to terminate employment,
    • termination of terms and conditions of employment,
    • refusal to employ a worker after a court ruling ordering his/her re-employment.

Legal advice (examples):

  • analysis of employment contracts,
  • analysis of non-competition clauses,
  • analysis of management contracts,
  • examination of the grounds for dismissal,
  • mobbing and discrimination,
  • examination of the grounds for a claim to pay compensation,
  • analysis of regulations,
  • redundancy payments,
  • examination of chances to win a court case.

We can offer you training for employees in the field of labourlaw. We tailor the topics of the training - carried out with the use of multimedia presentations and taking into account the latest tendencies in judgments related to labourlaw - to your needs. Training sessions take place at our customer's premises at the time of your convenience. For example, we offer training to human resource managers or individuals responsible for staff issues onthe principles for establishment and termination of employment relationship. Taking into account the fact that our staff haveparticipated in projects implemented by the Social Welfare Centre of Warsaw's district of Ursynów, we recommend, in particular, training sessions onworkers' rights and obligations for any entities which deal with people who experience difficulties in the labour market.