The Law Office offers the following tax law services for individual clients and companies:

  • providing explanations about the scope of tax liabilities;
  • preparation of legal and tax opinions;
  • tax verification of draft contracts;
  • assistance in completing tax forms;
  • preparation of letters to tax authorities (eg requests to provide written information about the scope of application of tax law, letters explaining the reasons for corrections of tax declarations, etc.);
  • preparation of appeals to tax chambers and complaints to the Provincial Administrative Court;
  • assistance in preparing transfer pricing documentation


Corporate tax

The range of services includes, among others:

  • advice and assistance in solving problematic issues related to the current conduct of business operations, including verification of the correctness of revenue and cost qualification for tax purposes;
  • tax analysis of previously used contracts and preparation of changes together with a discussion of the rules for documenting transactions carried out on their basis;
  • tax analysis of mergers, acquisitions, capital restructuring and liquidation of business entities, among others in the scope of assessment of general benefits and costs of planned activities, optimization of share / stock turnover, minimization of tax risks related to the acquisition of assets, as well as optimization of business liquidation
  • investment planning aimed at minimizing tax burdens, including international structures;
  • advising on the selection of tax-optimal ways to collect funds for financing operational and investment activities, including preparation of comparative studies of individual methods of financing operations;
  • intra-group loans, with particular emphasis on transfer pricing issues, "insufficient capitalization" and - in the case of foreign financing - withholding taxes;
  • advice on capital investments, including analysis of the legal and tax consequences of purchasing / selling securities and derivative financial instruments;
  • assistance in obtaining official tax law interpretations in the area of corporate income tax;
Income tax on individuals and ZUS

The range of services includes, among others:

  • planning employment structures for foreigners in terms of optimizing tax savings and social security;
  • planning employment structures of Polish citizens abroad in terms of optimizing tax savings and social security;
  • development of the most effective, in terms of tax and social security charges, remuneration structures for managers, members of the management board and supervisory boards;
  • planning tax settlements for foreigners;
  • assistance in preparing foreigners, directors and employees for tax / tax inspections in the area of personal income tax and proceedings in cases involving fiscal offenses or petty offenses.


The range of services includes, among others:

  • ongoing consultancy focused on the correctness of VAT settlements;
  • assistance and advice related to the issues of the European VAT system (assistance in adapting activities to European Union regulations, assistance in VAT settlement in other EU countries);
  • assistance and consultations in the field of Polish VAT for foreign entities;
  • assistance in obtaining official tax law interpretations in the field of VAT;
  • analysis of existing agreements;
  • tax assessment of future agreements, at the stage of their negotiations and assistance in the preparation of new contract projects;
  • development and implementation of structures minimizing VAT risk in the country and abroad (including, in particular within intra-Community transactions) and optimization of existing structures; ;
  • advice and assistance in returning Polish VAT to foreign entities and foreign VAT for Polish entrepreneurs on the basis of the Eighth and Thirteenth Directives;
  • consultations and assistance in registering foreign entrepreneurs for the purpose of Polish tax and Polish entities for foreign VAT purposes;
  • keeping VAT registers for foreign entities registered for Polish VAT purposes.


  • advice on inheritance and donation tax;
  • advising on tax on civil law transactions.


The scope of services provided includes areas related to, among others with:

  • taxation of plants, branches and representative offices of foreign entrepreneurs in Poland and taxation of companies, plants, branches and representative offices of Polish entrepreneurs abroad;
  • analysis of agreements on avoiding double taxation in terms of taxation of our clients' activities and optimization of tax liabilities;
  • their expected of domestic investment, aimed at minimizing tax burdens.


The range of services includes, among others:

  • preparing written tax opinions regarding all aspects of the client's current operations;
  • analysis of contracts, agreements or other legal documents in terms of correctness of their construction and optimization of tax burdens;
  • e-mail consultations on problematic issues;
  • representation as part of ongoing contacts with tax authorities (preparation of applications, etc.);
  • participation in meetings; arrangements made during meetings can be - at the client's request - confirmed by written opinions.

Michał Zdyb specializes in tax matters