Legal advice (in written and oral form) is one of the basic forms of legal service offered to business clients. Because of the multitude and complexity of legal regulations, an appropriate legal solution can often be found only with professional help. Legal advice provides condensed information on legal regulations concerning a given issue, and the client does not have to search for and pore over the relevant legislation.

We provide advice covering various areas of law, including business law, company law, labour law, administrative law and civil law. It is often necessary to analyze a single problem taking into account several branches of law.

The form in which legal advice is provided depends on the requirements of the given client. Oral consultations or a brief written explanation is often sufficient. In more complicated legal cases detailed analyses and opinions are prepared.

The way legal advice is provided depends on the particular case. Oral advice can be communicated by phone or at a meeting with the customer at our office or at the client's office. Written advice can be sent by email, fax, or through the traditional post.

We provide advice relating to the following areas of law (in alphabetical order):

  • administrative law
  • banking law
  • bankruptcy law
  • bills of exchange law
  • building code
  • carriage law
  • cheque law
  • civil law
  • company law
  • competition law
  • contract law
  • cooperative law
  • energy law
  • environmental law
  • industrial property law
  • labour law
  • penal revenue law
  • personal data protection law
  • pesticides law
  • pharmaceutical law
  • property insurance law
  • property law
  • public procurement law
  • real-estate law
  • securities law
  • tax law
  • telecommunications law
  • unfair competition law