A contract for regular legal services provides the most favourable conditions for a customerwho seeks legal services. At the same time, it helps to optimise the cost of legal services and adjust the urgency of service provision to the customer's needs.

The numerous benefits resulting from a contract for regular legal services include, but are not limited to:

  • more affordable costs of legal services, compared to single case orders,
  • the costs of legal services may be specified in advance,
  • easy and quick contact with the Law Firm(by phone, email, etc.),
  • a lawyer's visits to the customermay be scheduled for specific times and days of the week,
  • the Law Firm has better, day-to-day knowledge of the company's problems and internal issues, which improves the time and quality of services to be provided,
  • provision of legal information about new regulations that are important for a given entrepreneur,
  • drawing up and use of model contracts adjusted to the needs of a specific client.

A fee for provision of regular legal services is determined as a lump sum for a given period of time or as an hourly rate. In cases when it is not possible to determine the exact scope of services and the time needed to perform them a fee may be calculated initially for every single activity or as an hourly rate. Such a method of fee calculation is also applied in cases when the demand for legal services varies from month to month.

A contract for regular legal services may also be concluded without determining any fixed monthly fees. In this case the Law Firm, having got acquainted with the specific profile and types of business activities conducted by a given entrepreneur, remains ready to provide services. If the Law Firm's services are needed, an orderis placedand then performed on a timely basis and for a fee pre-determined in the contract for regular legal services.